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  • Princess Daniella

    Princess Daniella is the first-born, and most responsible of her sisters. She does what she can to watch over them, and she works very hard to make sure that her parents are proud of her. She has a doll named [[:alice-9 | Alice]] who helps her on her …

  • Princess Kessem

    Princess Kessem is one of the youngest daughters of [[:king-william-the-brave | King William]]. She is still easily frightened, but she is so brave that she tries to keep up with her older sisters anyhow. Princess Kessem has a very strong connection to …

  • Princess Aria

    Princess Aria loves listening and playing to music. Her voice is so sweet, it makes the day brighter, the nights warmer and the animals flock to her from out of the woods and hills to listen to her sing.

  • Princess Sunny Sana

    Princess Sunny Sana wants to be a doctor when she grows up. She has practiced her skills for so long, she can help fix nearly any 'boo-boo'. Her other sisters love that she can make them better!

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